Magnums and Minis

The majority of wine and champagne is bottled at a standard 750ml, which, unless noted, is what we sell, and you can generally average five glasses to a bottle for a standard pour. However, The size of wine bottles ranges from: The largest bottle that we sell is an imperial of Aix and the smallest are splits in Woodbridge and Sutter Home. 

Split 187ml - a one glass serving. Piccolo 200ml - a half pint. Demi 375ml - a half bottle. Standard 750ml - a full bottle.. Magnum 1.5lt - 2 bottles. Double-Magnum 3lt - 4 bottles. Jeroboam 4.5lt - 6 bottles. Imperial 6lt - 8 bottles. Salmanazar 9lt - 12 bottles. Balthazar 12 lt - 16 bottles. Nebuchadnezzar 15lt - 20 bottles. 

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