Vago Mezcal Tequila Espadín (Emigdio Jarquín)

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This mezcal is crafted in the rich, fertile Miahuatlán valley, remotely located a 2.5 hours’ drive south of Oaxaca City at 4,970 ft elevation. A wonderful expression of a saline and mineral-driven style that has become one of the most highly awarded mezcals in history.  50.3% ABV.

Mezcal goes back in Emigdio Jarquín's family at least three generations. Their horno is a conical pit dug into the earth, which can hold up to 7 tons of Espadin. Emigdio usually roasts his agave for 5-7 days, which is on the longer end of an average roast. He then lets it rest in the sun to cool for one to two weeks. A true mezcalero’s mezcal.